Did I get the job at the equine veterinary clinic?

Did I get the job at the equine veterinary clinic? Well, the honest answer is, I don’t know yet, but I don’t think so. They were making their decision over 7-10 days and tomorrow will be 7 days. I imagine they will have contacted the person they wanted straight away and will now be taking up references.

Incredibly, in spite of my son’s riotous performance in his dad’s shoes, the evening I dropped the application round, I did get a 15 minute telephone interview. I even got invited for the second round, which included an IT skills test, an interview and a tour of the clinc.

Here I learned that they were looking for a ‘receptionist’ in name only, three mornings a week to replace a full time receptionist and office manager, who had been too expensive.

The IT skills test was rather a challenge, in that it was the fastest 15 minutes I’ve ever known! Not helped by the absence of my watch – the face of my watch and the bracelet having parted company while I was bathing a horse the afternoon before.

The job appears to be outrageously stressful and you would never leave having done everything due to sheer volume of work, but in spite of that, I think I would have found it incredibly interesting.

Or it would be, if it were part-time equine receptionist combined with a hands-on role with the horses.

And to think, I’d almost worked through my angst about how the children would get to school and how I would work in the school holidays.

I wonder if I could propose my ideal job to the equine clinic and see if they’ll employ me for that rather?




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